About Us

Complexity Made Easy

Who We Are

We are a team of professional designers, developers, video animators and writers who believe in work ethics and integrity. Designify focuses on innovation, speed, and quality. These traits gave us our premium design status.

What’s Our Aim

Our goal is for our customers to be successful in the digital era of the 21 century. We do this by building up to date websites that drive the visitor towards buying or making contact while keeping the work process as simple as possible.

Where We Venture

We are proud of our accomplishments for a wide range of businesses based not only in Switzerland but on the European and American markets as well. We’ve earned their trust by providing effective and complete results.

Meet our awesome team! 

Alex O'Brian
Founder and CEO at Designify
Kate Morales
Creative Director at Designify
Alfred Robertson
Full Stack Developer at Designify
Lynne Hoffman
Head of HR at Designify
Anthony White
Senior UI Engineer at Designify
Sherry Joseph
Head of Production at Designify
0 (1)
Adam C. Farina
Full Stack Developer at Designify
0 (2)
Gregory Roebuck
UX Designer at Designify
0 (3)
Raymond Glenn
S. Graphic Designer at Designify
0 (4)
Harry R. Plumley
Full Stack Developer at Designify
0 (5)
Julien Frame
Graphic Designer at Designify
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